FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


BuchuLife Soft Gel Capsules 


Q:  Is the dosage of BuchuLife Soft Gel Capsules meal dependent?
A:  No, you can take the capsules irrespective of whether it coincides with a meal.


Q:  Are there any  side effects associated BuchuLife Soft Gel Capsules?
A:  No, the product is a natural product yielding no side effects.


Q:  Can BuchuLife Soft Gel Capsules be taken in conjunction with other medicines?
A:  Yes, Buchulife products do not interact with other medication.



BuchuLife First Aid Gel

Q:  Can BuchuLife Topical Gel be safely used for children?
A:  Yes, Buchulife First Aid Gel is a natural product, safe for use on babies and children and yield no side effects.


Q:  Can BuchuLife Topical Gel be applied for ailments such as for the control of eczema, ringworm, sunburn etc? 
A:  Absolutley! Due to the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal properties of Buchulife First Aid Gel, it is        applicable to these conditions.


Q:  Can BuchuLife Topical Gel be used to alleviate muscle pain / injury?
A:  Yes, due to the potent anti-inflammatory properties of Buchu, Buchulife First Aid Gel is an excellend product         to use for muscle and joint pain and injuries.



BuchuLife Herbal Water

Q:  Is it safe for children to drink BuchuLife Herbal Water?
A:  Yes, Buchulifef Herbal Waters are an excellent healthy and innovative alternative to introduce to children.


Q:  Why is BuchuLife Herbal Water so healthy?
A:  It contains a host of Bioflavonoids, Antioxidants and Vitamins needed by the body to combat free-radicals and enhance general wellbeing.


Q:  Should BuchuLife Herbal Water be refrigerated?
A:  For best refreshing tast, keep refrigerated.