Herbs on Hand

There is nothing better than being able to grab a handful of fresh herbs when you are cooking a meal. So many people end up buying the dried and bottled herbs, which to be honest have almost no flavour at all, as this is the most convenient way of adding flavour. 


However, what if you could have a hanging wall of fresh herbs in your kitchen? Sounds good right! There are so many options available online to create your own vertical herb garden and we want to showcase a few of these here.


This first one uses a shoe organizer to plant the herbs in -  a pretty good idea we thought! (and cost effective to).



This next vertical garden is one that is a little more sturdy. It has a wooden slatted frame and is packed full of rich potting soil. We think that this one is the winning design! She has even given us a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to put it all together.



Time to get DIY’ing and add some green to your fingers this weekend!