The ABC's of treating eczema

Eczema is a skin condition that afflicts a great number of children all across South Africa- in fact, research has proved that nearly one in five children are troubled by this condition at some point in their early years, while only 2% of adults are found to suffer from it.


Eczema, which is often used to refer to a broad range of symptoms generally characterised by red, irritated, dry and itchy skin, is most often caused by atopic dermatitis- otherwise known as infantile eczema- acquired as a result of sensitivity to allergens in our immediate environment. These could include pollen, dust and even certain types of food. While hardly a serious threat to the health of your little one, it can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable if left untreated.

If you have a child that suffers from this condition, chances are that at some stage you have been subjected to gratuitous advice which ranges from the sensible “avoiding bathing your kiddies in hot water or using harsh soaps” to the ridiculous “a daily mug of urine is known to cure eczema!”. The fact remains that, while no hard and fast cure for eczema currently exists, there are treatments available on the market- with varying degrees of effectiveness- which can assist in relieving your child’s discomfort.
Other than avoiding or minimising potential flare-ups through preventative measures (such as making use of cotton linen or using an irritant-free sunscreen), the most common treatment for eczema is topical steroid cortisone cream. These vary in strength from the mild, over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, to mild, medium, strong, and very strong prescription creams. However, as with all cortisone-based creams, there is always the risk of side effects- a hazard that increases the longer the ointment is used.
Many mothers prefer to steer clear of cortisone medicines for the very reason that evidence exists that these creams can potentially lead to thinning of the skin, amongst other harmful side-effects. One option for mothers seeking a more holistic approach would be to try natural, antiseptic Buchulife First Aid Gel. Clinical trials carried out at the MRC/UCT Research Unit of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa by Professor Tim Noakes in 2002, showed that Buchulife formulated buchu oil extract was able to prevent inflammation associated with muscle damage. Professor Noakes noted that there was substantially less swelling and pain associated with the use of the buchu oil. This buchu oil was incorporated into a gel-based product called Buchulife First Aid Gel, and when applied topically would ultimately also prove to be very effective in the control of inflammation associated with eczema.
This gel, which has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties, can be used for the systematic treatment of eczema in adults or children. It has also proved to be effective in the treatment of open wounds, burns, bruising, nappy rash, and can help alleviate joint and muscular pain.

Gavin Attenborough is one of the many customers that has found Buchulife First Aid Gel to be successful in treating his son’s eczema.


"My son, Ben, had a very dry skin from the time he was a baby. This was particularly bad in the winter months and soon developed into severe eczema. We tried every product available on the market- some of which were totally ineffective and others that would work for a while before the eczema would return. Eventually we were introduced to the Buchulife First Aid Gel. The skin infection soon cleared and most importantly, the eczema has not reappeared at all this winter. For the first time in this life, Ben (who is now five years old) has a problem-free skin", says Attenborough.

Anita Mata, a Cape Town-based Debtors Clerk, is another user who has found Buchulife First Aid Gel to be the best treatment for her daughter Aaliyah’s eczema.
Mata explains:

"Aaliyah has been suffering with eczema for the past four years. We have been in and out of hospital and have tried expensive steroid medication but nothing has helped. We tried the gel and it is amazing how her skin looks now - no more open wounds or inflamed and painful patches at all!"


Buchulife First Aid Gel is a uniquely South African product, produced by Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals. Buchulife products are formulated using a base of Buchu oil, which has been identified as having powerful healing and restorative properties, and is used to treat a variety of ailments, from bladder inflammation to troublesome skin conditions. The complete product range has been researched, clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective. Buchulife First Aid Gel is made from organically grown Buchu and contains the potent antioxidants, quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin (bio-flavonoids), diosphenol and Vitamins A, B, and E, which assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation associated with eczema. Best of all - It is gentle enough to be used on the delicate skin of infants and children.
This clear topical gel has been reported by mothers as being extremely fast acting and effective in the relief of the skin irritation and itching symptomatic of eczema, resulting in a happier child and consequently a happier mom! This gentle gel is a natural and powerfully active alternative that can be used to treat even the most chronic cases of eczema, yet is safe enough to use for long periods of time, as often as required.