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Anthony Norman Carlisle, Sun Valley, South Africa
"I have been a paraplegic (L1 Lesion) since March 1998. I have suffered for years of continuous bladder infections. I was introduced to BuchuLife VegiCapsules. Since taking the product I have reduced the number of infections by at least 80% . . . . . ."
Horst Hartmann, Hannover, Germany
"In 2002 I underwent open heart surgery for a six way bypass operation at the age of 65. Scarring was immense and with the damp climate in Germany healing was expected to be slow. I applied BuchuLife Herbal Topical Gel and amazing results . . . . . ."
Cindy Mott
I have been bed ridden for the past twelve months. This resulted in having to have a catheter on a permanent basis. Since having the catheter, I have suffered constantly from infections and have to have regular bladder washes and a host of antibiotics. Since drinking the water on a daily basis I have had no infections whatsoever.......
John Talbot, Kent U.K.
"I have tried many different remedies in the past, and loads of antibiotics and pain killers. I have started drinking 2 glasses a day 30 days ago, and after 10 days I started feeling the benefits of the water in that my left hand started to feel much better."
Ryan Bekker
After only 3 weeks I could feel the difference. No more aches and pains, I found that I wasn’t feeling fatigue during and after games and that my endurance increased. I also found that there weren’t any side effects to taking this product as it’s 100% natural.
Dawn Stoltz, Parow North, South Africa
My son applied the gel to his leg as he has had a lot of pain and has tried various products without success. Immediately he felt the pain start to subside and this morning the pain was gone.
Maria Chirstie, Phoenix - Cape Town
Since I've taken Buchulife Joint Health Capsules, the pain in my knees has subsided substantially and I can easily move up and down steps without any pain.
Anita Mata, Mowbray, Cape Town
The results have been amazing - it is unbelievable how her skin looks now - there are no more open wounds or inflamed and painful patches at all!
Veronica Lemmer, Johannesburg
I have now been infection free for 6 months and want to share this product with all my fellow UTI suffers.
Alan Parrock, Silverton, Pretoria
I have tried various ointments and gels in the past but to no avail; tea tree, bio oil you name it, none of them have worked.