Testimonial by Maria Chirstie on Buchulife Joint Health Capsules

Maria Chirstie, Phoenix - Cape Town

I started experiencing sharp pain every time I had to bend my knees to climb into the bus during my daily route to work and back. Since I've taken Buchulife Joint Health Capsules, the pain in my knees has subsided substantially and I can easily move up and down steps without any pain. The pain resulting from a protruding bone in my foot which made it very painful to step on the foot has also been relieved since I started using Buchulife Capsules. I feel a renewed energy since all the pain has left my body.


My mother has also experienced amazing results after starting to use the Joint Health Capsules.  She is 80 years old and has been experiencing severe pain and stiffness in her legs on a daily basis.  After a few days on Buchulife, the stiffness and pain has subsided substantially.  She also says it makes her skin clear and smooth.


Thank you for an amazing product which has made a huge difference to our lives.




Maria Chirstie

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