Buchulife Testimonial by Ryan Bekker on Buchulife Anti-Inflammatory Capsules

Ryan Bekker

Dear Sirs

I am a very active Sportsman and play cricket for Fish Hoek Cricket Club 1stXI in the Western Province 1B league. Opening the bowling and spending many hours in the field has given my body and joints a severe pounding over the years. I have suffered with shin splints, side strains and rotator-cuff injuries to name a few.


I have visited many a physiotherapist, been prescribed practically every kind of anti-inflammatory and pain killer on the market but to no avail. After hearing about your Buchu Remedies recently on local Radio Talk Shows I decided to give the Buchulife products a try. After only 3 weeks I could feel the difference. No more aches and pains, I found that I wasn’t feeling fatigue during and after games and that my endurance increased. I also found that there weren’t any side effects to taking this product as it’s 100% natural.


Since taking your products my game has improved considerably and I am able to run in and bowl at pace without any niggles. My Captain is happy and so am I.


I have recommended your products to many team mates, friends and family with similar injuries who have also seen the same results.


Thank you Buchulife for taking away the pain and putting me back ontop of my game!


Kind Regards


Ryan Bekker

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