Buchulife Testimonial by John Talbot on Buchulife Herbal Water

John Talbot, Kent U.K.

I am 47 years old.


About 17 years ago I lost my left arm in a tractor accident. This resulted in me having an artificial arm fitted, which has obviously caused me severe pain as my whole upper structure had to adjust to not having a natural limb.


I met Michael Duncombe Stander while en-route back from the hospital in London on the train, and he suggested to me that I go on a trial run of Betulina Herbal Spring Water, as he believed it could possibly help my pain, and my left hand which has been starting to show signs of arthritis.


I have tried many different remedies in the past, and loads of antibiotics and pain killers.


I have started drinking 2 glasses a day 30 days ago, and after 10 days I started feeling the benefits of the water in that my left hand started to feel much better. Further, the last two weeks, I have not had to take pain killers for my stump in the evening.


This is the first time in 2 years that I have not had to take the pain killers which have become a daily feature in my life. The water has also worked well for water retention in my legs.


While it is still early days, this herbal water is working extremely well for me, and I intend to continue drinking it.


John Talbot

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