Buchulife Testimonial by Cindy Mott on Buchulife Herbal Water

Cindy Mott

I am about 38 years old and approximately 15 months ago I experienced severe pain in my lower back, which resulted in me not being able to have any feeling in my right leg and thus confined to a wheelchair.


I have been bed ridden for the past twelve months. This resulted in having to have a catheter on a permanent basis. Since having the catheter, I have suffered constantly from infections and have to have regular bladder washes and a host of antibiotics.


I have been to many doctors including in Harley Street, London, who have still not been able to cure or define the reason for the severe pain I have experienced. Being confined to bed for such a long period of time, has obviously drained my energy levels.


About three weeks ago I was introduced to Betulina Herbal Spring Water by my brother-in-law and started drinking it immediately. Since drinking the water on a daily basis I have had no infections whatsoever, and no need for a bladder wash. My water flow is now regulated, and I have far less pain.


My energy level has increased drastically in that I was able to get up out of bed recently and do some ironing and general house chores. I can only say that this natural herbal water is working extremely well for me, and it is the only reason for this dramatic improvement in my condition.


I highly recommend that people with similar or other ailments start drinking this wonder herbal water.


Cindy Mott

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