UTI Relief Capsules

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Soft Gel Caps with Buchu Oil 10mg and Flaxseed Oil 365mg
40 Capsules, 375 mg


Provides rapid relief in the treatment of urinary tract infections including:

► Cystitis

► Bladder infections 



Soft Gel Caps for easy absorbtion


Not meal dependent


No known side effects


Rich in a host of bioflavonoids and vitamins


BuchuLife UTI Relief Capsules have been demonstrated to be effective in the rapid treatment of urinary tract infections, including cystitis (bladder infection), urethritis (infection of the urethra), prostatitis (infection and enlargement of the prostate) and pyelonephritis (abdominal pain).


BuchuLife UTI Relief formula is unparalleled in terms of its multi-modal action in treating this condition:

  • Antimicrobial - laboratory testing has been undertaken (by Synexa) to elucidate the spectrum of activity against the pertinent UTI pathogens.  The common pathogens for UTI in Europe and the UK indicate that BuchuLife UTI Relief Capsules have efficacy against said pathogens:


    Bacterial Pathogen Buchu Efficacy (% organism killed)3
    Proteus spp. 97.5%
    E. Coli 47.6%
    Enterococcus spp. 69.6%


  • Antispasmodic - Anti-spasmogenic and spasmolytic effects will provide symptomatic relief of cramping in UTI, through effects on smooth muscle cells;
  • Natural Diuretic - Diuresis in the context of UTI provides enhanced bacterial clearing from the urinary tract allowing quicker resolution of the condition;
  • Anti-inflammatory - ongoing work characterising the anti-inflammatory effects of Buchu provides an analgesic dimension to the product.





BuchuLife UTI Relief Capsules have been developed in South Africa by Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals (Pty) Ltd.  The benefits of the formulated Buchu extract used in Buchulife products have been scientifically researched by Professor Patrick Bouic, Head of Immunology at Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Academic Hospital.



Buchu is indigenous to the Western Cape Province of South Africa and forms part of Fynbos, the vegetation type unique to the Cape Floral Kingdom - a World Heritage Site.


The scientifically formulated Buchu oil used to make BuchuLife UTI Relief Soft Gel Caps contains the potent antioxidants quercitin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin (bio-flavonoids), diosphenol and Vitamins A, B, and E.  Also rich in Calcium and Iron, these compounds have been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in chronic conditions. Furthermore Buchu has natural diuretic properties.



Rapid relief in the treatment of urinary tract infections including cystitis, prostratitis, pyelonephritis



Do not use if pregnant or lactating or diagnosed with low blood pressure. Always consult your doctor or local practitioner.



BuchuLife Soft Gel Caps are prepared from naturally sourced ingredients; Buchu Oil 10mg and Flaxseed Oil 365mg



Two Soft Gel Caps taken daily. Not meal dependent.
BuchuLife UTI relief capsules produce no known side effects.

"I have reduced the number of bladder infections by at least 80% since using the Buchu..."
Anthony Normal Carlisle
Sun Valley, South Africa
"Not once have I suffered from bladder infections..."
South Africa
"UTI relief capsules for urinary tract infections changed my life"
Veronica Lemmer
UTI Sufferer