I Was Crippled With Back Pain Until I Discovered Miracle Herb

A woman who lay in bed for a year crippled with back pain is walking again after taking a herbal drink infused with the leaves of a rare plant.


Cindy Mott tried various treatments but none worked until she drank the water infused with Buchu.


"I was unable to move - even to go to the toilet," says the 39-year-old mother of three from Edenbridge, Kent.  "Then I heard that samples of a new herbal water had arrived in Britain.  Within seven days I was out of bed.  I can only hobble a short distance so far but it is a major improvement."  The Buchu plant is an old South African remedy for reducing inflammation and drains away excess fluid, acting as a natural diuretic.  Betulina Water also cured a uninary infection that had plagued Cindy.


Mike Stander, who is promoting Betulina Water in the UK, says the medicinal qualities of Buchu are listed in reference books.  It can help treat high blood pressure, cystitis, kidney stones and prostate and menstrual problems.  Betulina Water costs £1.80 a litre from health shops or from Betucare, The Oast, Sharp's Place, Bushes Lane, Bough Beech, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7AS.


Sunday Mirror, United Kingdom, December 1988

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