Clean Out Your Body The Natural Way



We regularly clean out our homes and throw away all the mounds of accumulated trash. We clean our bodies and brush our teeth and hair every day – or at least most of us do.


Yet we hardly ever think about spring cleaning our bodies from the inside out.


Spring is a good time to begin an internal cleansing programme to rid the body of accumulated winter waste.

This is from all the toxins that pile up internally after months of eating the wrong foods: lots of highly processed and refined convenience foods and meat and chicken from animals and birds shot full of hormones and antibiotics to increase growth.

Even fresh fruits, vegetables and grains can contribute to toxic build-up in the body when grown in chemically treated soils and sprayed with herbicides and pesticides.


Our organs of elimination – the liver, kidneys and skin – usually do the job of eliminating poisons from our bodies.

The problem is that they aren’t always able to do so effectively when toxic load is too large and relentless, or when it is from chemicals that accumulate in body fat, staying there for years and years, leading eventually to illness and disease.

The problem is exacerbated because we don’t absorb toxins only through the food we eat.

They are in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. Stress is a contributory factor in toxic overload. So is a lack of exercise. Even prescription drugs play a role.


All of this makes regular detoxification of the body a must for anyone seriously concerned with looking and feeling better as the years go by, says Sandton health therapist Kathryn Forbes.


Forbes is a founder and director of Infini Health clinic in Dalecross and specialist in natural detoxification therapies.

She trained in the therapies under British medical specialists and practiced at the Whole Health Centre in London before returning to South Africa.


She says this country has a wealth of indigenous plants and herbs with powerful medicinal qualities, making them extremely effective internal cleansers.


Chief among them is Buchu, a type of fynbos known as South Africa’s wonder medicinal herb. It is part of the cultural heritage of the Khoisan, who use it regularly in their traditional healing methods, says Forbes.


“They chew the leaves to relieve stomach problems and mix the leaves with sheep fat as an ointment to treat wounds.”

Betulina, known as the “true Buchu”, is the only Buchu species that should be taken internally.


She advises Buchu water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as an excellent way to kick start an internal cleansing programme.

Be warned – it is not for the feint-hearted: Buchu water tastes as acrid as it smells.


Forbes says it is a natural diuretic with an alkalizing effect on the system. It has also been found to be helpful to ease the symptoms of arthritis, fibrositis, water retention, rheumatism, gout, kidney and liver disorders, cystitis and prostatitis, stomach complaints and weight problems, coughs and colds and can be used as a cure for hangovers.


Organic rooibos is another of our natural detoxifying treasures, thanks to the anti-oxidant qualities of the superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic substances are contains. SOD id one of the best known enzymes in the human body capable of neutralizing free oxygen radicals as soon as they are formed, says Forbes.


Free oxygen radicals cause damage to body proteins and fats as well as our DNA, she says.

Like Buchu water, organic rooibos tea is alkalizing. It can also relieve constipation and balance blood sugar levels. But it must be organic, and you can get it along with Buchu water at health stores nationwide. Organic rooibos tea is rich in minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and sodium, and the trace elements copper, manganese and fluoride.


This rich mineral content contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, bones and metabolic processes.

At the heart of the cleansing matter is that detoxification of the body is a natural and powerful healing process, and you don’t have to be a specialist to do it yourself. But you should know what you are doing and why.


With the right fresh foods and high water content fruits, you will speed up the detoxification process and make it more effective with the right supplements (see How To Spring-clean Your Body).


At the end of it, you can look forward not only to feeling better, but also looking younger: “Detoxifying your body means rejuvenating it,” said Forbes.


The Star, South Africa, September 2000, Readership 855,000

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