Synexa Life Sciences

Synexa Life Sciences


Synexa Life Sciences is our Molecular Research Development Partner.


Synexa Life Sciences is a diversified biotechnology company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2001 by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs, the company's vision is to conduct leading-edge biotechnology research and related services in a commercially successful manner, allowing some of South Africa's leading biotech scientists to deliver new solutions in an entrepreneurial and performance-oriented environment.


Synexa was initially funded by its founders and two local venture capital funds, Bioventuresand the IDC. Further support was received from Cape Biotech, an organisation focused on helping to develop South Africa's emerging biotech industry.


Synexa has build an interesting portfolio of biotech-related businesses. Its novel Quorus Bioreactoris a significant innovation in scalable, disposable bioreactor technology, and is currently in beta testing before its market launch. The Quorus Bioreactor is used by Synexa to manufacture a range of compoundsfor the biopharma industry that are extremely difficult or expensive to produce using traditional fermentation platforms.


Synexa has also developed a wide range of bioanalytical servicesand is a leading provider of biomarker and molecular biology analyses to the global biopharma industry. The company also provides an innovative range of specialist diagnostictests to local clinicians, bringing the latest global developments to the South African market.