Slow Magazine - Buchu, the Khoisan Cure

Slow Magazine - Buchu, the Khoisan Cure


All-natural medicine might be a current-day trend, but it is by no means a modern-day innovation. First discovered by the San and Khoi people centuries ago, the miraculous medicinal properties of the Buchu plant have since been rediscovered over the past 15 years.

As a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antihistamine, Buchu is great for treating wounds, inflammation and many other ailments. Among just a few of its cures, the plant also lowers blood pressure, treats UTIs and relieves joint pain.


Cultivated 100% organically and sustainably at Skimmelberg Farm outside Citrusdal (which is well worth the visit if you ever find yourself in the area), the Buchu used in Cape Kingdom’s product ranges is quality assured.


The products range from Buchu infused detox teas, to an array of Buchulife lifestyle and health products (including buchu waters, First Aid Gel, moisturising cream and softgel capsules), as well as a Buchu range for pets called Ricky Litchfield.


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