Advertorial in People Magazine May 2012

BuchuLife together with our Brand Ambassador, Jordy Smith, were recently featured in an People Magazine advertorial.

Two Minutes with Jordy Smith

People Magazine 11 May 2012


When Jordy Smith was just three years old it was clear the tot had all the makings of a surfing icon. Wearing armbands and a float, the bright eyed toddler braved his first giant wave at Addington beach as his parents, with a camera in hand, cheered him on from the shore. In that moment, Jordy’s love for the ocean became entrenched. Today, Jordy is ranked the best surfers in the world. We caught up with him to find out what makes this beach boy tick.


When did you start surfing professionally?
I started travelling when I was 10 – Hawaii and Australia was my first trip. I remember standing by myself at the airport and my mom was crying her eyes out. I look back now and I can only imagine how scary it is sending your kid away on his own. I remember telling her that ‘I was a big boy’. Five years later, I went on to win my first world title.


When you were 13 years old you were offered the opportunity to play soccer in England but turned it down to pursue your love for surfing. Any regrets today?
Not at all! For me, at the time, it was about going down to the beach and surfing all day with my friends, that’s what I loved most about it and so I made my decision on that. I never wanted to wake up early and go to the gym for three hours, the straight to practice all day, it wasn’t me. I loved the lifestyle of being a surfer more because I look at my dad and I see how young at heart he is, and that’s how I want to be.


In 2011 you suffered quite a serious injury while on tour.
I was in Tahiti and I took a really big wave and ended up falling and breaking three ribs and tearing all the cartilage in between them. I couldn’t do anything for three months and it cost me the world title, but at the same time I learnt a lot about myself. I feel like when bad things happen that’s when you learn about things, and only once I had experienced that did good things start to happen inside. Lets say it was my biggest lesson in life. I learned a lot about myself.


What do you think is the secret to being a pro surfer?
A lot of dedication and self motivation. Being a solo sport you are on your own from the word go and you have to create every opportunity you can for yourself to make it happen.


Favourite surfing spot?
Durban’s New Pier just because I grew up surfing there and there is nothing like surfing your home break with all your best friends.


What would you say is the hardest place to surf?
For most people it depends on whether you are just learning to surf or have been surfing for a while, but for me I would say Muizenberg, not because of the waves but purely because of the shark factor. I have tried surfing there once or twice but it just freaks me out to much. I’ve seen too many shark attacks to be comfortable with that spot. No amount of money would get me out there.


Have you ever had a shark encounter?
My friend got attacked about four meters from me in Jeffery’s Bay about eight years ago. It breached him out of the water and luckily for him it only bit his board in half and just missed him but he was really rattled. He managed to swim to shore and got seen to by the medics. I was in a bit of shock at the time, it was a really scary moment for me because there was a contest on and I was the first heat back in the water.


If you could surf any location in the world, where would you choose?
Fiji, because it’s an amazing holiday, as well as a surf trip. I dream about going there all the time. Luckily this year there is a contest there so I am going to take my girlfriend, Lyndall, with me – she is going to freak!


You’re known for your own manoeuvers ‘rodeo flip’ and full rotation ‘alley-oops’. What are they?
In body boarding they call it an ARS, Air Roll Spin, so I guess you could put it like that, but it’s just a lot of flipping and spinning involved.


Who are your surfing icons?
Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Tom Curran and Shaun Thomson.


To date, what has been your hardest surfing competition?
Jeffery’s Bay. There is a lot of pressure coming from the home crowd. Everybody is counting on you so it’s not easy to relax, but it also fires me up to do better.


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